Our Group

The Greenman Group was formed in 2020 following a reorganisation of several jointly held entities.

As parent, our employee-owned group has ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction of all its subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries operate under at least one of the following strategic frameworks.

Food Focused

The long-term ownership and management of grocery and grocery anchored real estate are the sole focus of all the investment funds our subsidiaries operate.

In-house Management Activities

The provision of all regulated and unregulated investment, administrative, asset, property and in many cases facilitates management activities to our investment funds.

Digital Framework

Continuous development of digital infrastructure to streamline workflows and enhance data driven strategic decisions.

Research & Development

Internal and external R&D and technology investment programme.


AIFMD Fund and investment management, RA and TA fund administrative activities in various EU Member states.


Climate change, the rapid advances in technology and the importance of sustainable business practices are at the core of our group’s strategic planning. Directly and via our funds we are committed to promoting environmental and social responsibilities.

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